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GRE Preparation FAQ's

When is the computerized test offered?
A schedule can be obtained from the GRE website.
Can I choose a time that is convenient for me?
There are some time choices, but most times are set for 8:30 am in which case you must arrive at 8:00 am.
How long will it take me to take the test?
About 4 hours; there is a computer tutorial at the beginning to familiarize yourself with how to use the software. The time it takes to go through this section will vary for each individual.
Will I get a break during the test?
Yes. There is a 60 second optional break after each section and an optional 10 minute break after the second section.
How much does it cost to take the test?
How far in advance do I need to register?
The sooner the better, because the spaces fill up quickly. Try to plan about 1 month in advance.You must call at least 48 hours ahead.
When will I get my test score?
After the test is complete, the student has the option of either cancelling their score or viewing it. By choosing to view the score, it goes on the permanent record. If you choose to cancel it, you do not receive a refund and no score will be recorded. After choosing to report the score, it appears on the screen. The official scores will be mailed to the students within a few weeks.
How long is the test score good for?
The test score is good for 5 years.
When is the earliest I can re-take the test?
The test can be taken once in a calendar month, but no more than 5 times within any 12 month period.
How do I register for the GRE?
You can call 1-800-473-2255 or go to the GRE website to register online or by mail.
Is a fee waiver available for the GRE?
A limited number of GRE fee waivers are available for college seniors and unenrolled college graduates who meet the eligibility requirements. Waivers may be used for one General Test and/or one Subject Test and/or one Writing Assessment. Contact your financial aid office to see if you qualify.